Tabnine is now part of Codota

March 23, 2020

Dear Tabnine users,

I’m excited to announce that Tabnine has been acquired by Codota. When I launched Tabnine in November 2018, it was a small and simple tool, which was within the capabilities of a university student to manage. Given your remarkable adoption, this is no longer the case, and it’s time for Tabnine to enter the next phase of its development, which the Codota team is committed to.

As a user of Tabnine, what should you expect from this? The short answer is that you should only expect Tabnine to keep improving at a faster pace than before. Tabnine is now a core offering by Codota and a key area of investment; working together with the team, we have already been able to successfully address some long-standing Tabnine issues, some improvements already rolled out and more are soon to follow.

Having met and worked with the Codota team, I’m confident that Tabnine is in good hands. Codota and Tabnine were created with the same goal in mind—to make programming more efficient and enjoyable—but they use different techniques to achieve this goal: Codota tries to deeply understand the semantic structure of the code, whereas Tabnine optimizes for the widest language compatibility. These approaches proved surprisingly complementary, and Codota has begun to integrate Tabnine’s deep neural network with its proprietary semantic analysis tools. If you write Java or JavaScript, you can already try it here.

To read more about Codota’s plans for Tabnine, please see their blog post.

Thank you to everyone who is using Tabnine. I enjoyed creating it, and I’m glad that you are finding value in it. I am looking forward to being part of Tabnine’s next steps and future growth.

Jacob Jackson