Thought Leadership

Remind me, teach me, elevate me: Using GenAI to unlock your best developer self
June 11, 2024
5 -min read
I’ve discovered that there are three ways of interacting with AI that have helped make me a better developer: remind me, teach me, and elevate me.
Will AI replace developers? 4 ways the dev role will change forever
May 28, 2024
7 -min read
What is generative AI?  Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that can create content,…
Enhancing AI coding assistants with context using RAG and SEM-RAG
May 27, 2024
6 -min read
Basic AI coding assistants, while helpful, often fall short of delivering the most relevant and…
How AI code assistants speed up and simplify the SDLC
May 23, 2024
7 -min read
AI code assistants aren’t coming to take away software development jobs. But they can help developers spend more time doing interesting work.
5 software development skills AI will render obsolete
April 16, 2024
3 -min read
AI coding tools automate so many tasks that developers are likely to discover that some of the skills they’ve acquired will no longer be needed.
Is AI a job killer? Look to software development for clues
February 21, 2024
5 -min read
AI-enabled software development tools have thus far reduced low-level tasks and automated mundane and repetitive tasks, enabling developers to do more.
Will ChatGPT replace programmers?
February 1, 2024
9 -min read
While ChatGPT, or any AI tool, is unlikely to replace programmers anytime soon, AI coding assistants are becoming an essential part of the development process.
Transforming the coding landscape: Interview with Tabnine CEO Dror Weiss
January 4, 2024
2 -min read
Website Planet recently interviewed Dror Weiss, our CEO, to discuss how Tabnine benefits developers and R&D teams.
AI for engineers: Implementation, challenges, and best practices
December 6, 2023
6 -min read
In our rapidly evolving technological landscape, AI has emerged as a crucial catalyst for growth…
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