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OpenAI GPT-4o is now available on Tabnine Chat

OpenAI GPT-4o is now available on Tabnine Chat

Shantanu Kedar /
3 minutes /
May 16, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that GPT-4o — the newest and fastest model from OpenAI — is now available on Tabnine Chat. Starting today, you can use the GPT-4o model to power the full capabilities of Tabnine Chat, including code generation, code explanations, documentation generation, AI-created tests, and more. Additionally, when using the GPT-4o model, Tabnine Chat delivers highly personalized recommendations by utilizing the context from locally available data in your IDE. 

GPT-4o: OpenAI’s new flagship model

Released on May 13, 2024, GPT-4o is the most powerful model from OpenAI and it represents a step towards more natural interaction between humans and computers. Among other use cases, the GPT-4o model is also well suited for software development use cases. Benchmarks from OpenAI demonstrate that GPT-4o matches the performance of GPT-4 Turbo for coding-related tasks. More importantly, the GPT-4o is significantly faster than all the previous GPT models and offers a 2x speed improvement over its predecessor, GPT-4 Turbo. 

Extending the switchable models functionality with cutting-edge models

A few weeks ago, we launched the switchable models capability for Tabnine Chat that lets users switch the model that underpins Tabnine Chat in real time. One of our goals for this capability is to bring new, state-of-the-art models to Tabnine Chat as soon as they become available. With today’s announcement, we’re extending that capability with support for the GPT-4o model. 

You can choose from the following models with Tabnine’s AI code assistant chat tools:

  • Tabnine Protected: Tabnine’s original model, designed to deliver high performance without the risks of intellectual property violations or exposing your code and data to others. 
  • Tabnine + Mistral: Tabnine’s newest offering, built to deliver the highest class of performance while still maintaining complete privacy over your data.
  • GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, and GPT-3.5 Turbo: The industry’s most popular LLMs, proven to deliver the highest levels of performance for teams willing to share their data externally.

You’re not locked into any one of these models. Switch instantly between models for specific projects, use cases, or to meet the requirements of specific teams. We plan to make more models available for Tabnine Chat soon, which should help eliminate any fears about missing out on LLM innovations and make it simple to use new models as they emerge. It future-proofs your investment in AI and enables your team to focus on accelerating the software development life cycle using Tabnine.

During model selection, Tabnine provides transparency into the behaviors and characteristics of each of the available models to help you decide which one is right for your situation. For example, for projects where data privacy and legal risks are less important, you can use a model optimized for performance over compliance (such as Open AI’s GPT-4o). As you switch to working on projects that have stricter requirements for privacy and protection, you can change to a model like Tabnine Protected, which is built for that purpose. The underlying LLM can be changed with just a few clicks — and Tabnine Chat adapts instantly.  

Check out this short video that shows the GPT-4o model in action:


Starting today, the GPT-4o model is available to all Tabnine Pro users at no additional cost. Please make sure to use the latest version of the Tabnine plugin for your IDE to get access to the GPT-4o model. We plan on making the GPT-4o model available for Enterprise users in the near future. 

Check out our Docs to learn more about this functionality. If you’re not yet a customer, you can sign up for Tabnine Pro today — it’s free for 90 days