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What are large language models, and are they going to get even larger?

What are large language models, and are they going to get even larger?

Tabnine Team /
2 minutes /
July 10, 2023

In an insightful webinar hosted by Tabnine’s CTO and co-founder, Eran Yahav, and VP of Ecosystems, Brandon Jung, they engaged in a comprehensive discussion about the advancements, challenges, and practical applications of leveraging language models. The webinar provided valuable insights into the current landscape of language models, and the advancements, challenges, and practical applications of leveraging language models for AI code assistance.

In this webinar, you’ll discover the latest developments in generative AI for code and beyond. Gain insights into how large language models (LLMs) work, their potential to solve complex problems, and their transformative impact on software development. The discussion also touches upon the trend of increasing model sizes and explores the implications of LLMs, including concerns related to bias, privacy, and security.

From diving into the underlying technologies to exploring the possibilities and limitations, this webinar provides an in-depth exploration of the trends driving AI machine learning with large language models.

Watch the full session below:

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