code review

What is AI code review and how it works in 4 popular AI tools
October 17, 2023
10 -min read
What is AI code review and what are the benefits?  AI is rapidly advancing, and…
Code reviews in 2023: Navigating the evolution of software development
February 12, 2023
7 -min read
Code reviews have long been a staple in software development, and their importance has only…
7 best code review tools for enterprise businesses
December 11, 2022
6 -min read
The success of enterprise businesses relies heavily on the quality of their software and applications.…
How to use the BitBucket Code Review
May 2, 2022
7 -min read
Code reviews are a core tenant in the software development process to ensure that the…
The developer’s guide to a secure code review
March 21, 2022
4 -min read
Everyone is concerned with cyber security, and for good reason. According to Check Point, cyber-attacks…
Code review checklist: Why you need one and how to use it effectively
February 2, 2022
6 -min read
Bad code makes for a maintenance nightmare down the line. Once committed, bad code becomes…
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