New name – More AI awesomeness 

Hey JetBrains folks! 

We recommend you install the Tabnine plugin instead of Codota.

Tabnine supports every major programming language in most of the leading IDEs. Tabnine’s advanced Machine Learning model delivers superior AI code completions for an unparalleled coding experience.  

What’s happening?

Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work adding all the awesome Java code completion capabilities from Codota into Tabnine. Codota users making the switch will be blown away by Tabnine’s next-level code completion capabilities. 

How to install Tabnine on IntelliJ IDEA

In the coming months, the Codota development team will join forces with the Tabnine team allowing us to lift Tabnine’s AI code completion capabilities to even greater heights – we have some truly amazing things coming.

We know changes can be difficult but this is one sunset we’re certain will lead to a beautiful tomorrow.

Eclipse users – Keep working with Codota for now

Don’t worry – We haven’t forgotten about you. We hope to have a big announcement soon about when you can hop on the Tabnine train.

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