Shantanu Kedar

Tabnine vs. Amazon Q Developer 
June 18, 2024
7 -min read
Amazon Q Developer (previously called Amazon CodeWhisperer) enables users to understand, build, extend, and operate…
Tabnine vs. GitHub Copilot
June 17, 2024
7 -min read
Tabnine and GitHub Copilot are the leading AI code assistants on the market — each…
Image showing the Tabnine and Anthropic logos. Tabnine is partnering with Anthropic, the leading AI research and safety company to make the Claude 3 Sonnet model available as the underlying LLM for Tabnine Chat.
Anthropic’s Claude 3 Sonnet model is now available as an option to power Tabnine Chat
June 5, 2024
4 -min read
We’re thrilled to announce that Tabnine is partnering with Anthropic, the leading AI research and…
OpenAI GPT-4o is now available on Tabnine Chat
May 16, 2024
3 -min read
Starting today, you can use the GPT-4o model to power the full capabilities of Tabnine Chat, including code generation, code explanations, documentation generation, and more.
Tabnine + Atlassian: AI-enabled software development built around you
May 1, 2024
4 -min read
We're proud to be a launch partner for Atlassian’s soon-to-be-released AI integrations, dubbed Atlassian Rovo.
Switchable models come to Tabnine Chat
April 2, 2024
5 -min read
Starting today, you can switch the underlying large language model (LLM) that powers Tabnine’s AI chat at any time.
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