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3 generative AI misunderstandings resolved for enterprise success

3 generative AI misunderstandings resolved for enterprise success

Tabnine Team /
2 minutes /
April 19, 2023

In his article for VentureBeat, Tabnine’s CEO, Dror Weiss, tackles three prevalent misconceptions about generative AI that are hindering enterprise progress. In today’s business landscape, as AI continues to gain traction, it is imperative to distinguish fact from fiction. A great resource for organizations looking to implement generative AI.

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About Tabnine AI for Enterprise 

Since launching our first AI coding assistant in 2018, Tabnine has pioneered generative AI for software development. Tabnine helps development teams of every size use AI to accelerate and simplify the software development process without sacrificing privacy & security. Tabnine boosts engineering velocity, code quality, and developer happiness by automating the coding workflow through AI tools customized to your team. With more than one million monthly users, Tabnine typically automates 30-50% of code creation for each developer and has generated more than 1% of the world’s code.

Unlike generic coding assistants, Tabnine is the AI that you control:

It’s private. You choose where and how to deploy Tabnine (SaaS, VPC, or on-premises) to maximize control over your intellectual property. Rest easy knowing that Tabnine never stores or shares your company’s code.  

It’s personalized. Tabnine delivers an optimized experience for each development team. It’s context-aware and delivers precise and personalized recommendations for code generation, code explanations, and guidance, and for test and documentation generation.

It’s protected. Tabnine is built with enterprise-grade security and compliance at its core. It’s trained exclusively on open source code with permissive licenses, ensuring that our customers are never exposed to legal liability.

Tabnine provides accurate and personalized code completions for code snippets, whole lines, and full functions. The Tabnine in IDE Chat allows developers to communicate with a chat agent in natural language and get assistance with various coding tasks, such as: 

  • Generate new code 
  • Generating unit tests 
  • Getting the most relevant answer to your code
  • Mention and reference code from your workspace
  • Explain code
  • Extending code with new functionality
  • Refactoring code
  • Documenting code
  • Onboarding agent and more

Try Tabnine for free today or contact us to learn how we can help accelerate your software development.